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Tourist Places to Visit in Alipurduar - Temples, Attractions & Famous Shops

 Alipurduar District in West Bengal, India, is known for its rich natural beauty, temples, and vibrant markets. Here are some notable tourist places to visit, focusing on temples, attractions, and famous shops:


  1. Buxa Fort and Mahakal Cave Temple: Located near the Buxa Tiger Reserve, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a significant pilgrimage site.
  2. Sikiajhora Kali Mandir: A small temple dedicated to Goddess Kali, located by the scenic Sikiajhora stream.
  3. Jalpesh Temple: An ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, situated near Alipurduar, famous for its annual fair during Shivratri.


  1. Buxa Tiger Reserve: A famous wildlife sanctuary known for its tigers, elephants, and diverse flora and fauna. It's a great place for wildlife safaris and bird watching.
  2. Jayanti: A picturesque village near the Jayanti River, surrounded by dense forests and hills. It's an ideal spot for trekking and nature walks.
  3. Chilapata Forest: Located near Alipurduar, this forest is rich in biodiversity and offers exciting jungle safaris.
  4. Rajabhatkhawa: A gateway to the Buxa Tiger Reserve, known for its scenic beauty and opportunities for wildlife spotting.
  5. Bhutan Ghat: A scenic area near the Bhutan border, known for its lush greenery and serene environment.

Famous Shops

  1. Alipurduar Market: A bustling market offering a variety of goods including clothing, handicrafts, and local products.
  2. Rajabhatkhawa Market: Known for local handicrafts, souvenirs, and fresh produce.
  3. Falakata Market: Offers a range of traditional Bengali goods, spices, and textiles.

These places provide a mix of cultural, natural, and shopping experiences for visitors to Alipurduar District.


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